Who are we?

VALEMOUR is a social label whose mission is to promote the inclusion of people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities in the labour market. Buying VALEMOUR items and accessories you support training programs and personalized integration. We create “Real Learning Hubs” where people with disabilities learn skills, functions, rights and duties of workers.

VALEMOUR finds its meaning in the word “value”: value of people, time value, the value of projects and ideas. A value you can choose. VALEMOUR is born from a dream where the enchantment of glamour, the love for ideas and projects that we develop and ethical values meet. A dream in which the profit and non-profit worlds dialogue on a crimson and blue scale.

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How VALEMOUR was born?

“Più di un sogno” ONLUS Foundation is the non-profit organization that created  VALEMOUR. “Più di un sogno” ONLUS Foundation was founded in 2007 by six families with children with Down syndrome and now involves more than eighty families and members. The Foundation promotes and organizes activities aimed to improve the life quality of people with intellectual disabilities.
In  2010, with the aim of integrating people with disabilities into the labour market, the foundation created VALEMOUR.

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Products and partner

VALEMOUR products are produced in co-branding with world leading companies working in the fashion and accessories industry.
 All VALEMOUR partners are quality brands known worldwide.
All of them share something with VALEMOUR.

Everyone brings in this project  a story to tell, a value, a dream to share.

Discover the stories of each brand, why they all choose VALEMOUR and the reasons that bring them to believe in this dream.


Valemour ethical fashion Dreamer


Who are they? Who are we?

The Ethical Fashion Dreamer are people who follow VALEMOUR, who believe in its project and support it. Volunteers, fans, followers, friends, partners, supporters, united by a single goal: to make inclusion of people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities possible.
 What brings us together? We all see differences as an opportunity, we love life and believe in the value of experience.

We are Dreamers: we believe in dreams that become true.

We are Fashion fans: we love beauty, good taste.   Dressing  VALEMOUR means entering the world of “Fashion”.

We are Ethical: because we believe in the values and in the opportunity of a fashion that does good, that makes the difference.