Across Europe there are special places where new ideas and new companies are born, where many young people are betting on themselves to create an innovative future. These places are called HUBs.

VALEMOUR is an educational hub, a place and a project that enables young people with intellectual disabilities to become part of the job system.

VALEMOUR comes into contact with companies and tries to understand their needs and requirements. Our trainers carry out an internal investigation in order  to choose the right person for a designed job,  able to meet those needs.

The person with disabilities gradually learns the tasks he or she has to fulfill, learning rules and duties that the work requires.

Finally, after the training period, the disabled person is gradually included into the company, followed by his/her tutor for the first few months, until full self-sufficiency and efficiency  is reached.

“We believe that any person, if enhanced, can represent a resource: the most important thing is to place him/her in the most suitable role ” (Marco Ottocento, manager VALEMOUR).

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