Who are they? Who are we?

The Ethical Fashion Dreamer are people who follow VALEMOUR, who believe in its project  and support it. Volunteers, fans, followers, friends, partners, supporters, all united by a single dream: to make the inclusion of people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities possible.

What brings us together? We see differences as an opportunity, we love life and believe in the value of experience.

We are Dreamers: we believe in  dreams that become true.

We are Fashion fans : we love beauty, good taste.  Dressing  VALEMOUR means entering the world of “Fashion”.
We are Ethical: because we believe in the values and in the opportunity of a fashion that does good, that makes the difference.

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Vania “I’m a dreamer and I believe in VALEMOUR as it offers opportunities to everyone”.

Filippo: I can do a little help but VALEMOUR means a dream that we can realise together.

Valentina “I believe in Valemour as it’s a dream which is growing and comes true everyday”.

Marco: VALEMOUR is a big value for many people and for unique people.

Davide “VALEMOUR offers value to the people, value to ideas”.

Susanna: make dreams come true is possible and VALEMOUR is teaching us the way! You have to believe.

Francesca “VALEMOUR is a VALUABLE project!”.

Antonella “With VALEMOUR dreams can come true”.

Benedetta: I work for VALEMOUR as I believe that the business world has a ghost culture to express.

Claudia&Francesco: we believe in VALEMOUR and with its opportunities.

Valentina: “I’m a dreamer and I believe in VALEMOUR, a project born from a big dream that we can come true together”.